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Xenopus itombwensis

  1. Zaïre: Miki (03°21'24''S, 28°41'24''E) — "Miki, about 50 km west of the nothern tip of Lake Tanganyika, Itombwe Massif, Zaïre", B. Evans, 2006-04-21, 19 spms: MCZ A-138192 (holotype, adult male, SVL 31.8 mm), 14 males (mean SVL 30.2±3.3 mm, max. 37.4 mm; incl. paratypes A-138195 - 97), 2 females (mean SVL 35.7±3.0 mm, max. 37.9 mm), 2 juveniles (paratypes A-138193 - 94) [1].


  1. Evans, Ben J., Timothy F. Carter, Martha L. Tobias, Darcy B. Kelley, Robert Hanner & Richard C. Tinsley (2008): A new species of clawed frog (genus Xenopus) from the Itombwe Massif, Democratic Republic of the Congo: implications for DNA barcodes and biodiversity conservation. - Zootaxa, 1780: 55-68.