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Hymenochirus Boulenger, 1896


Hymenochirus: from Greek: hymen = skin, web; cheir = hand (this genus has webbed fingers as opposed to Xenopus)

Type species

Hymenochirus boettgeri


Native country records from Cameroun, Centrafrique, Congo, Gabon, Guinea Ecuatorial, Nigeria, South Africa, Zaïre. Limits are: NORTH: Cameroun: Bamenda (05°56'N, 10°10'E) — SOUTH: Zaïre: Zambi (05°51'S, 12°52'E) — WEST: Nigeria: Sapele area (05°53'N, 05°52'E) — EAST: Zaïre: Liki (2) (01°14'N, 30°28'E).

Record outside native range from USA.