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Hymenochirus feae Boulenger, 1906


feae: in honor of Leonardo Fea (1852 - 1903), Italian naturalist and assistant at the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale in Genoa

Type material and localities

Syntypes: BM 1947.2.24.81-82 (formerly 1906.3.30.172-173), MSNG 29941 [4 specimens] (see Capocaccia, 1957). Type Locality: "Fernand-Vaz, French Congo" (now in Gabon).


Country record from Gabon: Fernand-Vaz (01°34'S, 09°15'E)

Original description

Tav. I. 1.
Tav. I. 1. Hymenochirus feae (male)
Very closely allied to H. boettgeri, Tornier, and agreeing with it in every respect except that the fingers and toes are fully webbed to the tips. Uniform blackish brown above and beneath.
The largest male measures 42 millim, from snout to vent, the largest female 46.
Six specimens from Fernand-Vaz, French Congo.