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Pipa myersi Trueb, 1984


myersi: "from the Old Norse myrr meaning bog, swamp or deep mud, in reference to the preferred habitat. ... also a patronym for Charles W. Myers ..., who is responsible for collecting the only known series of adults of this species."

Type material and localities

Holotype: KU 113665. Type Locality: "7 km above the mouth of the Río Ucurgantí, Provincia Darién, Panama, 30 m".


Country records from Colombia, Panama. Limits are: NORTH: Panama: Río Ucurgantí (08°27'00''N, 77°48'00''W) — SOUTH: Colombia: Río Zulia (08°20'N, 72°30'W) — WEST: Panama: Río Ucurgantí (08°27'00''N, 77°48'00''W) — EAST: Colombia: Río Zulia (08°20'N, 72°30'W).