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Pipa parva Ruthven & Gaige, 1923


parva: from Latin: parvus = small

Type material and localities

Holotype: UMMZ 57443. Type Locality: "covered drain in the village of Sabana de Mendoza, Venezuela".


Native country records from Colombia, Venezuela. Limits are: NORTH: Venezuela: El Mene / 15 km W (10°56'00''N, 70°40'30''W (70°33'00''W)) — SOUTH: Colombia: Cúcuta (07°53'00''N, 72°30'19''W) — WEST: Colombia: Astillero (08°07'40''N, 72°35'10''W) — EAST: Venezuela: Hacienda Santa Rosa (10°31'57''N, 70°27'08''W).

Record outside native range from Venezuela.