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Pipa snethlageae Müller, 1914


snethlageae: in honor of its collector, the zoologist Emilia Snethlage (1868-1929) of Pará museum in Belém (now Museu Paráense Emilio Goeldi)

Type material and localities

Holotype: ZSM 1/1914, destroyed; Neotype: ZSM 54/1914 (a Topotype) (Trueb & Cannatella, 1986). Type Locality: "Utinga, near Pará (Belém), state of Pará, N.E. Brazil".


Country records from Brasil, Colombia, Guyane Française, Peru. Limits are: NORTH: Guyane Française: Rochambeau, airp. (04°49'N, 52°22'W) — SOUTH: Brasil: Rio Purús, 400 km S Manaus (06°32'S, 64°20'W) — WEST: Peru: Estirón (03°22'06''S, 72°00'28''W) — EAST: Brasil: Belém (01°27'S, 48°29'W).