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Xenopus borealis Parker, 1936


borealis: from Latin: borealis = northern (described as the northernmost subspecies of laevis known at that time)

Type material and localities

Syntypes: BM (5 specimens) (Marsabit), 1901.1.3.34-36 (Lake Nakuru), 1910.10.31.26 and 1909.11.15.4-7 (Nairobi), 1929.10.13.3-6 and 1913.4.24.17 and 1932.5.2.36-38 (Lake Naivasha), 1935.11.2.11-12 (Mt. Elgon), 1912.11.8.4-12 (Leikipia). MCZ 22302 (Marsabit) and 22303 (Mt. Elgon) (Barbour & Loveridge, 1946). Type Localities: "Marsabit"; "hot spring of Lake Nakuru"; "Nairobi"); "Lake Naivasha"; "Mt. Elgon, 6000 feet"; "Leikipia, 7-8000 feet", Kenya.


Country records from Kenya, Tanzania. Limits are: NORTH: Kenya: Marsabit (02°20'N, 37°59'E) — SOUTH: Kenya: Watamu (03°21'S, 40°01'E) — WEST: Tanzania: Mugeta (01°55'46''S, 34°12'28''E) — EAST: Kenya: Watamu (03°21'S, 40°01'E).