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Xenopus calcaratus Peters, 1875


calcaratus: from Latin: calcar = spur

Type material and localities

Syntypes: ZMB 8326 (2 specimens), 8328 (4 specimens), 8329, 8255 (2 specimens). Type Locality: "Cameruns (Victoria)", Cameroon.


Country records from Guinea Ecuatorial, Zaïre. Limits are: NORTH: Zaïre: Mobayi-Mbongo (04°18'N, 21°11'E) — SOUTH: Zaïre: Boma (05°51'S, 13°03'E) — WEST: Guinea Ecuatorial: Cape Saint Jean (01°10'N, 09°21'E) — EAST: Zaïre: Djalasinda (02°10'N, 30°39'E).