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Xenopus fraseri Boulenger, 1905


fraseri: in honor of its collector Louis Fraser (1810 - 1866)

Type material and localities

Syntypes: BM 1947.2.24.78-79 (<-BM 1852.2.22.23-24). Type Locality: "West Africa ...probably from Nigeria or Fernando Po"; restricted to Fernando Poo by Mertens, 1965.


Country records from Angola, Cameroun, Centrafrique, Congo, Gabon, Guinea Ecuatorial, Zaïre. Limits are: NORTH: Centrafrique: Passendro (06°13'22''N, 20°42'56''E) — SOUTH: Angola: Muíta (07°49'S, 21°23'E) — WEST: Guinea Ecuatorial: Arena Blanca Rd. (3) (03°31'40''N, 08°34'46''E) — EAST: Zaïre: Maginda (00°49'N, 29°54'E).