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Xenopus laevis bunyoniensis Loveridge, 1932


bunyoniensis: with reference to its type locality at lake Bunyoni

Type material and localities

Holotype: MCZ 14616. Type Locality: "Bufundi on western shore of Lake Bunyoni, Kigezu District, South-western Uganda".


Country records from Rwanda, Uganda, Zaïre. Limits are: NORTH: Uganda: Mushongero (01°10'43''S, 29°40'58''E) — SOUTH: Zaïre: Mamvu (02°10'S, 29°01'E) — WEST: Zaïre: Mamvu (02°10'S, 29°01'E) — EAST: Uganda: Lake Bunyonyi (01°17'00''S, 29°55'05''E).