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Xenopus laevis sudanensis Perret, 1966


sudanensis: with reference to its distribution in Sudan (not the republic in North-East Africa, but the large region south of the Sahara; from Arab: áswad = black, plural: sûd)

Type material and localities

Holotype: MHNG 1017.74. Type Locality: "Ngaoundéré, Adamaoua", Cameroon.


Country records from Cameroun, Centrafrique, Gabon, Nigeria, Sudan. Limits are: NORTH: Sudan: Jabal Marrah (mts) (13°30'N, 24°E) — SOUTH: Gabon: Doussala / 5 km NW (02°19'14''S, 10°32'10''E) — WEST: Nigeria: Rahama (10°25'N, 08°41'E) — EAST: Sudan: Jabal Marrah (mts) (13°30'N, 24°E).