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Xenopus largeni Tinsley, 1995


largeni: in honor of its collector, Malcolm J. Largen of the Liverpool Museum, England

Type material and localities

Holotype: BM 1977.872. Type Locality: "stream near 400 km marker on Wollo-Kibre Mengist Road, 70 km NW of Kibre Mengist, Sidamo Province, Ethiopia (06°23'N, 38°35'E, altitude 2650 m)".


Country records from Ethiopia. Limits are: NORTH: Ethiopia: Dodola - Asela Road (07°16'N, 39°17'E) — SOUTH: Ethiopia: Wollo - Kibre Mengist Road (06°23'N, 38°35'E) — WEST: Ethiopia: Wollo - Kibre Mengist Road (06°23'N, 38°35'E) — EAST: Ethiopia: Dodola - Asela Road (07°16'N, 39°17'E).