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Xenopus pygmaeus Loumont, 1986


pygmaeus: specific name proposed "because of its small size and in recognition of the help of the Pygmy women in capturing specimens"

Type material and localities

Holotype: MHNG 2196/4. Type Locality: "Bouchia (3°45'N, 18°10'E), 450 m, approx. 40 km Southeast of M'Baiki", Central African Republic.


Country records from Centrafrique, Zaïre. Limits are: NORTH: Centrafrique: Bagandou (03°45'N, 17°50'E) — SOUTH: Zaïre: Boende (00°14'S, 20°52'E) — WEST: Centrafrique: Etoi (03°40'N, 17°40'E) — EAST: Zaïre: Dungu (03°37'N, 28°34'E).