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Xenopus wittei Tinsley, Kobel & Fischberg, 1979


wittei: in honor of Gaston-François de Witte (1897-1980), "who carried out pioneer fieldwork on amphibians in Central Africa and amassed comprehensive collections of Xenopus, including this new species"

Type material and localities

Holotype: BM 1977.2039. Type Locality: "Chelima Forest (waterhole alongside Kabale-Rutenga road), Kigezi District, S.W. Uganda; alt. 2200 m. 1°04'S, 29°55'E".


Country records from Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zaïre. Limits are: NORTH: Zaïre: Beni (00°29'N, 29°28'E) — SOUTH: Burundi: Tora (03°41'15''S, 29°33'40''E) — WEST: Zaïre: Kamituga (03°03'19''S, 28°10'15''E) — EAST: Uganda: Kibale National Park (00°27'N (00°13'N - 00°41'N), 30°25'30''E (30°19'E - 30°32'E)).